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Don't settle for only learning which web page wins.
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Split testing
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Easy And Accurate A/B Split Testing

The fastest and easiest way to run split tests that get you results.

  • Run as many A/B split tests and web page variations as you’d like.
  • Segment website traffic by any and all devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Industry best, Bayesian technology used to eliminate false positives when declaring winners.
  • Quick and simple 2 minute split test setup for non-techies.
Session recording
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Real-Time Screen Session Recording

Don’t settle with only learning which web page wins. Now you can learn why it wins.

  • Watch detailed videos of each and every website visitor so you can learn why they did or didn’t buy.
  • See website visitor mouse movements, browser scrolling, key strokes and more.
  • Track and follow visitors from page to page as you watch them navigate your website.
  • Point and click sorting options to easily find the most eye opening session recordings.
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Community Of Shared Split Test Results

As others share test results, you’ll be able to benefit from their success.

  • Learn which strategies are working for others, by viewing shared user tests.
  • Leverage the success of others to improve your own results even faster.
  • Search and filter tests by star ratings and minimum conversion lifts to uncover the most profitable ideas
  • View the ever-growing list of shared test results spanning all industries and web page types.

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