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Feature unlimited tests

Run Unlimited A/B Split Tests

We're all about getting you results, so no matter what plan you use, you can create as many split tests as you'd like. Test your home page. Test your optin pages. Test your checkout pages or your eCommerce, store pages. If it's a web page, you'll be able to test it.

Feature segment traffic

Segment Traffic By Device

Website traffic can perform differently depending on the device that is being used. Whether that's a desktop, a mobile device like an iPhone or an Android, or a tablet, you'll be able to segment and/or ignore your website traffic depending on the device, allowing you to better understand what's leading to sales.

Feature accuracy

Bayesian Accuracy Technology

One of the worst things you can do when running a split test, is stopping your test too soon and assuming a version of your web page won, when the reality might be that had you ran it longer, it would have lost. False positives can result in you losing unnecessary time and money. With our Bayesian accuracy technology, we can reduce and in most cases eliminate the chance of false positives. When a winning web page is declared, you can rest assured the results are accurate and it truly is the best version.

Feature easy setup

Quick And Easy Split Test Setup

Testly was built by marketers, for marketers. While other split test "solutions" are overly complicated and can take hours to get set up, our wizard-like setup is extremely simple and straight-forward, allowing non-techies to get split tests set up in as little as just a couple of minutes.

Feature video

Watch Detailed Videos From Buyers And Non Buyers

If you really want to know what your buyers are seeing and doing prior to buying, now you can! You'll be able to watch detailed screen session recordings from every person that buys, as well as doesn't buy your product so you can learn and come up with your next big idea much faster.

Feature movements

See Visitor Mouse Movements, Scrolling and More

Are there certain things on your web page that are causing visitors to take the action you want them to take? Maybe something important is located at the bottom of your page and only those visitors that scroll to the bottom and see it, are the ones that end up buying. Now you can see if they scroll down. What they click on. And what they enter into your web page.

Feature point

Point And Click Sorting And Filtering

Not only will you be equipped with thousands of screen session recordings from your visitors, but you'll be able to easily sort and filter all of the important criteria to help you find the most eye opening recordings. The recordings that can help you increase your bottom line. You'll be able to sort and filter by criteria like the time and day the visitor landing on your website, their device, location, the number of web pages they visited, whether they purchased or not, how long they were on your website, and much more.

Feature strategies

Learn Which Strategies Are Working For Others

One of the fastest ways to leap frog your competition is by leveraging the time and the success of others. Inside of Testly, you'll be able to view split tests run by other members who have decided to share certain tests with the community. By doing this, their ceiling is now your floor, and you can achieve much faster results.

Feature winners

View Proven Split Test Winners From All Industries

Are you an eCommerce company? Are you trying to improve your optin page or your checkout process? No problem. You'll be able to quickly and easily search and filter out the exact split test types that you're considering running, so you can see how well (or how poorly) the idea worked for someone else that may have already run the split test you're considering. This can save you months of time and thousands of wasted dollars figuring out if the test would work for you.

Feature shared

Rate Shared Split Tests

Inside of the Testly community of shared split tests, you'll be able to rate other member's split tests from 1 to 5 stars. This will allow you to then, filter your results to only view highly rated split tests (i.e. those split tests that have gotten the highest ROI for the website owner). Again, helping you come up with that next big idea much quicker than with traditional split testing "solutions".